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Wilderness Healing

The Dadirri Initiative



As a means to help people in our community rediscover strength and peace within themselves, EarthWorks developed wilderness healing and mentoring programs. We believe that people are drawn to nature because it is the most powerful source of healing from within.
Core elements of our healing curricula include:


Inreach – Receiving and being nurtured by the support of a community and the healing presence of nature.


Upreach – The actual experience of vitality as the individual reconnects his or her place within the natural world and society.


Outreach – Activities with people that care for one another as integral parts of the world. The outcomes seek to improve life-satisfaction, self-awareness, and overall positive functionality.


These elements are designed to help create a sense of intimate connection to and inextricability from the natural world, thereby promoting a sense of meaning, connectedness, personal and social responsibility, and emotional resiliency.


Wilderness Healing


EarthWorks programs use nature immersion, to bring people into environments where they are able to work closely with peers, connect with individuals, and cooperate in a group setting.


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Coyote Veteran | Trauma Rehabilitation


wilderness healing program

Tailored for veterans, to supplement the therapeutic process of overcoming emotional and adjustment challenges associated with reintegration into civilian life, or their following time in service.


What participants can expect to learn:


–     Shelter & fire building

–     Plant identification & forging

–     Wilderness self-care & medicine

–     Back-country travel


Our guides encourage participants to:


–     Have an open minded & flexible experience

–     Practice trial & error with guidance towards success

–     Develop their self-awareness

–     Test emotional boundaries


Our program emphasizes a more relaxed readjustment into
civilian life, where survival is no longer equivalent to a combat
setting, but instead associated with recovery of mental health
and emotional growth.


Our hope is to build emotional resiliency and
self-empowerment through wilderness immersion, while
teaching positive communication skills, teamwork, mindfulness
and appreciation for their value and service in the community.


Contact info@earthworksinst.org to get started.


In Memoriam

Tom Cray, 1/17/50 – 11/10/17


EarthWorks offer a very special acknowledgment to Tom Cray, a Rochesterian and long-time advocate for veterans in this community. As the core inspiration for the development of the Coyote Veteran Wilderness Rehabilitation program, we honor Tom and all of his service and sacrifices for his fellow veterans.


After serving two tours in the Vietnam War between 1969 and 1973, Tom Cray returned home to begin advocating for his fellow service members through the development of the Veterans Outreach Center and continued his efforts ceaselessly for the next 40 years. Tom’s contributions went far beyond his immediate community. Tom knew great devotions and spent himself in a worthy cause in his lifelong service to his country and its veterans.


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