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Summer Adventure Programs

Wilderness Immersion

Committed to immersing children in nature, our summer camp encompasses The American Camp Association pillars for a valuable and educational summer experience. Our nature guides encourage children to creatively explore the natural world, nurturing the development of resiliency and self-confidence through consistent hands-on skill practice. Each program is age appropriate, with specialized outdoor skill practice aimed at improving self-confidence and developing positive social relationships. 

What is Running Wild?

Designed to balance curiosity, adventure and hands-on skill practice; Running Wild taps into our need to experience the natural world. Through structured skill practice and unstructured wilderness play, children will be encouraged to run, jump, build, create and work together. Expect your child to create survival shelters, be taught safe fire practices, engage in outdoor cooking, join daily navigation hikes, and most of all explore and get dirty! Running Wild will focus on building a foundation of survival techniques, while allowing children to naturally experience the wilderness at their comfort level.

What is Neat Nature?

Neat Nature provides space for children to enjoy safe unstructured wilderness play, where they can run free and explore naturally. Children will be encouraged to focus that plants beneath their feet, the trees above their heads and clues in the forest! Neat Nature is designed to increase children’s awareness levels, encourage hands-on skill practice through working in small groups and most of all explore at their own pace.

What is Nature Leaders?

Could you have survived without shelter, food or water thousands of years ago? This is the central focus of Nature Leaders, as young adults are challenged to reach beyond what is comfortable and typical; allowing them the opportunity for specialized skill practice. Expect your child to be taught and practice knife and hatchet techniques, learn practical fire skills and understand the relationship that exists within the natural world.


Our Promise

Our summer camps provide a safe and structured space for children to dictate their learning while becoming aware of the natural world. Children are encouraged to embrace their curiosity, appreciate the natural world and explore the landscape. Expect your child to jump, crawl, run, hide and play in this fun-filled camp experience!

Program Locations

Weird Nature & Jedi Camp: Helmer Nature Center: 154 Pinegrove Ave 14617

Running Wild Camp: Helmer Nature Center: 154 Pinegrove Ave 14617


Get Started with Summer Adventures 

Summer adventure sessions available for ages 5 to 14 and all class days run from 8:30–3 pm M-F 


Program Registration Fees – Click the links to register now!

Running Wild (Ages 8-11)- $300 per week; (sessions closed; call for waitlist)

Neat Nature (Ages 5-7)- $300 per week; (sessions closed; call for waitlist!)

Nature Leaders (Ages 12-15)- $300 per week; (sessions closed; call for waitlist)


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