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Summer Camp

Developing Life Skills



In partnership with School of the Holy Childhood and Genesee Land Trust, EarthWorks is offering 8 weeks of adventure summer camp, in the form of day camp sessions running June through August. EarthWorks is one of few summer day camp programs in the United States that encompasses all three of the American Camp Association’s pillars for an enriching summer camp experience. These pillars have been proven to develop:



–     Teamwork, creativity, and self-confidence

–     Strengthen emerging skills

–     Encourage friendship making

–     Campus-based experiential education


Based on “Leave No Trace” ethics, our Forest Guides encourage students through survival activities to develop the confidence to explore the outdoors in a safe and meaningful way. Find a camp near you!


Ages 6-8

Ages 9-13

Ages 12-15


Summer Camp

Our unique survival skills day camp programs challenge campers to think beyond the everyday. Three hundred years ago, upstate New York was much wilder: no roads or tap water, no electricity or fuel, no grocery stores, pharmacies or hospitals. Could you have survived?

Join this outdoor survival summer program to test your outdoor skills and find out!


Running Wild | Ages 9-13
Multi-Session, June 25th – August 10th

runnin' wild summer camp

Our main summer camp, Running Wild is a unique survival skill summer camp that challenges students to think beyond the everyday. Campers will learn to think independently before reacting and make smart choices while being challenged. Our Forest Guides focus on challenging students to develop life skills such as patience, respect, resiliency, and teamwork while mastering:


–     Outdoor cooking and safety
–     Fire building (with friction)
–     Survival shelter building
–     Wild sourcing of food and medicine
–     Safety, and wildcrafting!


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Weird Nature | Ages 6-8
Single Session July 16-20

junior summer camp

This junior summer camp explores the ecological relationships that exist between all living things and highlights just how interdependent everything truly is. From zombie snails to glow in the dark fungus, the link between acid rain and ovenbird eggshells, prepare to see nature in a new light as we pluck the web of life. Students will experience hands-on learning as they:


–     Explore connections in nature
–     Discover your impact on nature
–     Interact with critters & crawlers
–     Identify “weird” plans
–     Begin investigating ecology!


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Jedi Camp | Ages 12-15
Single Session July 9-13

jedi summer campOur “advanced” summer camp, Jedi Camp cultivates a sense of awareness, survival, and rebellion. Through time-honored methods inherited from our ancestors, our guides will safely teach students advanced wilderness skills. Such as:


–     Wilderness First-Aid & medicinals
–     Overcoming physical challenges
–     Using and handling fire & sharps
–     Mastering team challenges
–     Building a Primitive Society


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