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Students, Science, and Civic Engagement

Students, Science and Civic Engagement (SSCE)


The Earthworks SSCE is a unique, long-term program that centers on project based learning initiatives. SSCE can run over the course of a semester or school year and is designed to connect with AP or dual- credit environmental science to expand the framework of science education. This expansion includes not only the curriculum, but also real world learning applications in STEM through local internship experience.



We lend our professional support and community partnerships to teachers for lesson planning, designing field studies and connecting students with environmental experts. This is an opportunity for students to obtain college credit, as well as gain the skills and experience required to become highly valued additions to the community and local workforce. Earthworks is able to offer exclusive access to this expanded curriculum through the College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF).



What your students can expect:

· Science, Technology, Engineering Math Education

· Field studies and Job Training Opportunities

· Internship and College Credit



SSCE Offers 2 Options:


A Full AP Course & Research Project – Global Environment (EFB 120) 3 credits: Students enrolled in this freshman level course will explore the link between local, rural, urban and suburban communities and the larger global ecosystem. Key environmental science themes and critical thinking skills form the basis of the activities. This course includes a research project and presentation (see below). Students who complete the course will receive a discounted price on credits at $200, or $75 for those students receiving reduced-cost/free lunch.


Stand Alone Research Project – Research Problems (EFB 498) 1 credit: Students are required to complete an internship with an environmentally-focused organization to research and investigate a local environmental issue. Students will use this opportunity to work in conjunction with staff and classroom teachers to develop a hypothesis and a potential solution to the issue. By applying the scientific method, students will be expected to test their hypothesis, gather and analyze data, and then present the data in a written format to a local governing body (policy makers) and as a part of a capstone Symposium on Civic Engagement.


For both of these options, EWI staff will serve as in-class aids and curriculum liaisons to guide both students and teachers successfully through the program. Teachers will receive basic training on course material offered through SUNY, as well as the full assistance of EWI staff in linking the course/research project into class curriculum throughout the year.


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