On-Demand Workshops


On-Demand Workshops

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

(Nelson Mandela).

Classroom Collaboration 

With curriculum as our cornerstone, we will collaborate with educators to develop the most beneficial workshop for students. We balance the learning styles of students, while understanding the academic needs of the educator. Our hope is to guide classrooms through wilderness expeditions, aimed at providing hands-on skill practice and collaborative team building opportunities. 


Wilderness Survival 

With nature as our classroom, we guide students into the basic tenets of natural survival; allowing for structured skill development and unstructured outdoor play. As the most popular and comprehensive workshop, wilderness survival was developed to encourage classrooms and school groups to experience nature in a way that contributes to their academic and personal success.

intro to wilderness survival

Guided Wilderness Hike

Guided by the smells, sounds and sights, our guided nature hike will focus on the senses as crucial to experiencing this class in a magical way. We believe that simply being present in nature, begins to allow for children and adults to experience mindfulness. Nature will be our guide as we embark on a journey that is unique with each step we take.

EarthWorks workshops will empower individuals to seek vision, experience, and develop a deeper sense of self. Our guides offer ancient wisdom and the secrets of ecology passed down through generations.

guided nature walk

Forest Games

With the forest as our playground, our games reinforce the relationships between the elements in nature, and the excitement of friendly competition. Play hard in the forest and live in the spirit of camaraderie! We will run, jump, twist, roll, hide and move!

guided nature walk