Meet Our Team


Program Manager 

Joseph Dean 

A.A.S Social Behavioral Science (Monroe Community College)

B.S Psychology (SUNY Brockport) 

Joseph continues to practice his lifelong dedication for appreciating the natural world by taking action in conservation efforts and teaching wilderness skills. Through his experience with NYS DEC, he puts his passion into practice by mentoring youth in wilderness survival and environmental education. He continues to inspire and encourage young people to develop hands-on wilderness skills and a deep appreciation for the natural world.



Lead Wilderness Guide 

Christina Das


B.S Environmental Studies (University of Vermont) 

About Christina:

Christina seeks to nurture a connection to her natural environment, which in turn plants the seed for lifelong environmental stewardship. Christina believes wild spaces offer refuge from our daily lives and hopes to cultivate confidence in youth to feel comfortable in the outdoors. Through her education and experience with The US Forest Service, she continues mentoring youth in nature awareness, wilderness navigation, fire building techniques and plant identification.  




Seasonal Wilderness Guide 

Keaton Jenkins 

Education: David Rutherford forest guide

Regents Diploma: RCSD East High School 

About Keaton:

Keaton is an active member of the community, continuing to empower youth with his positive mindset and powerful resilience. Keaton co-founded Beat The Odds Clothing – a mission-driven retail company that encourages people to face and conquer adversity through self-motivation. Through his experience as an Intervention-Prevention Educator, he has developed strong bonds with students, and continues teaching youth valuable hands-on wilderness skills.