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Wilderness Classroom

With nature as our classroom, we guide students in practice of appreciating the natural world and developing specific wilderness skills. Our daily focus consists of: intentional work, cooperative play, careful observation, and wilderness exploration. Our work involves splitting wood, sustaining warmth and fire, building survival shelters and cooking over the flame! 

We hope to encourage children to carefully understand what they experience through the senses, and promote the natural curiosity of observing nature. We plan unstructured free play times, where children can climb, run, jump and talk. Ultimately, we hope children enjoy working together, and experience the important bond that we all share with nature. 


Successful Preparation and Preparedness 

Our Forest School is spent outdoors in all types of weather. We offer seasonal programs, and in order to fully enjoy ourselves in the wilderness, it is essential that children come prepared for the day’s weather and with the understanding that we will get dirty and muddy! Comfort, preparedness and proper clothing are important for our individual safety and continued success! 


Inspiration is our goal 

Our programs inspire creative thinking and compassionate action within the hearts and minds of children and adults. We aim to provide knowledge, skills and confidence for people to become self-reliant and kind citizens.


Get Started with Forest School

Veteran’s Memorial Park; 3100 Atlantic Avenue

Monday’s 4-5:45 PM: Session 1: (2/3-3/16)

Tuesday’s 12-3 PM: Session 1: (1/21-3/17) & Session 2: (4/7-5/26)

Wednesday’s 9-12 PM: Session 1: (1/22-3/18) & Session 2: (4/8-5/27)


Irondequoit Town Hall & Camp Eastman 

Thursday’s 3:30-5 PM: Session 1: (4/16-5/21)

Friday’s 3:30-5 PM: Session 1: (4/17-5/22)


Program registration & fees 

Register online below or call Joseph at 585-465-6946. 

  • Search Earthworks in the keyword search bar to find your session!


Penfield Veterans Memorial Park, Atlantic Ave (Ages 5-8) Register here: Nature Explorers Monday

Penfield Veterans Memorial Park, Atlantic Ave (Ages 8-11) Register here: Running Wild Monday

Penfield Veterans Memorial Park, Atlantic Ave (Ages 6-14) Register here: Running Wild Tuesday & Running Wild Wednesday

Irondequoit Town Hall, Titus Ave (Ages 3-5) Register here:  Wilderness Tikes Thursday

Irondequoit Town Hall, Titus Ave (Ages 6-9) Register here: Nature Explorers Friday


EarthWorks learning guides will teach:

  • Identification of flora and fauna
  • Shelter & Fire
  • Navigation & orienteering
  • Hatchet & Knife safety






EarthWorks learning guides encourage students to practice:


  • Sensory awareness
  • Teamwork
  • Purposeful exploration
  • Unstructured play