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At EarthWorks, we define healthy living as the ability to have a deeper relationship with ourselves and nature. For those in the Greater Rochester area trails, parks, waterways, mountains, gorges, and other environmental jewels give us the chance to begin building these relationships from a young age. However, learning how to live well also means being empowered with the skills, resources, and ability to pursue these relationships.


Challenges such as unemployment, poverty, lack of transportation, and unfamiliarity with our local bioregion prevent our communities from developing and connecting with the world at large in more fulfilling ways. By helping families gain access to these relationships, EarthWorks and our Guides seek to improve quality of life in our city and the Greater Rochester Region. We do this by focusing on family development, wellness, and experiential education, providing programs that empower people, but especially youth with invaluable life-skills, building healthy, lasting bonds across our communities and green spaces.

You become a part of this mission when you give through any of the donation options provided on this page. If you have any questions about your donation or the methods of giving please contact or call 585.861.8127.


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Apply to Volunteer


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EarthWorks offer a variety of volunteer opportunities. Start the application process by emailing the following to


1) A short description of your experience with EarthWorks
2) The type of volunteer work you’re interested in
3) Any qualifying background, skills, or expertise


 Purchase a Gift Card

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Give the gift of an EarthWorks experience. Your gift supports EarthWorks , and share the opportunity to join future workshops with others.

1) Go to our Gift Card Checkout
2) Type in the amount you’d like to gift
3) Process payment through Paypal, and we’ll email you a digital gift card to share


Support Us While you Shop

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Amazon donates 0.5% of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to EarthWorks when you:

1) Go to and start shopping
2) Select EarthWorks as your Charitable Organization
3) Make a purchase, and track the amount donated


Automate Your Donation


donate via united way

United Way supporters may pledge a portion of their paycheck to EarthWorks.

1) Complete United Way of Greater Rochester Pledge Form
2) Include EarthWorks Insitute (ID #3315) in the My Gift section
3) Email, or deliver by mail your completed pledge form



Give In Memoriam

Tom Cray, 1/17/50 – 11/10/17


EarthWorks offers a very special acknowledgment to Tom Cray, a Rochesterian and long-time advocate for veterans in this community. As the core inspiration for the development of the Coyote Veteran Wilderness Rehabilitation program, we honor Tom and all of his service and sacrifices for his fellow veterans.


After serving two tours in the Vietnam War between 1969 and 1973, Tom Cray returned home to begin advocating for his fellow service members through the development of the Veterans Outreach Center and continued his efforts ceaselessly for the next 40 years. Tom’s contributions went far beyond his immediate community. Tom knew great devotions and spent himself in a worthy cause in his lifelong service to his country and its veterans.


To share your support and become a part of advancing the Coyote Veteran Trauma Rehabilitation program with EarthWorks, please click on the donate button below and make a gift in Tom’s name.