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About Earthworks

What is The Earthworks Institute?


The fundamental distinction between existing public service nonprofit groups and Earthworks Institute (EWI) is our broad-spectrum approach. Whereas a land trust, a youth program or a health foundation may focus on a singular important need, EWI’s mission is multifaceted in order to address the diversity of broken bonds that make our community more susceptible to disparity.


Using a grassroots approach which employs a collaborative process and strategic partnerships, our work centers on community building, job-skills, education and alleviating poverty.  Our programs link human health with stewardship, positive youth development with a sense of social responsibility, and education with community outreach. We provide a holistic means of building relationships across both private and public sectors, and serve all residents of Rochester in creating healthy, lasting bonds between land and each other.





Our Mission


To improve the quality of life for residents of the Greater Rochester area by providing education and mentoring programs that teach invaluable life-skills and social responsibility, while at the same time building healthy, lasting bonds between land and community. 



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Intro to Wilderness Survival



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